Luna Creciente
Happy thoughts get ya far.
Mother Nature knows all.
Namaste and peace to the world,
because we'd be lying if we said
we didn't need it.
Take a moment to look at the stars.
Let your mind wonder far.
Don't give up on your dreams.
Change is forever.
Let your voice be heard.

20. Austin. Abbey.
So this happened. Totes eggcited. :)
This song speaks to me. Thank you Arcade Fire.
This guy is inspirational. Getting stuff done!
Perks of working at Starbucks: Free tea for my awful cough. Oh sweet salvation.
Rehearsal calms my mind. Something about being in a safe space (may it be a black box or a theatre) makes the pressure of my mind go away and the tension from my shoulders loosen up. This is why I love the theatre, the long rehearsals, the beautiful connections and intelligent collaborations. #astreetcarnameddesire #uttheatre
Home is a place where I can leave my frustrations or fight them or kill them for good and be on with my day.
free style vibes

i want to say that i feel so lame whenever i try to be someone i’m not around whoever you are because life is shit and sometimes it clicks and we all gotta vibe our own way or take the highway and find ourselves in a different world we have never known of before and either miserable or happier, the choice is always your own.

This movie though.