Luna Creciente
Happy thoughts get ya far.
Mother Nature knows all.
Namaste and peace to the world,
because we'd be lying if we said
we didn't need it.
Take a moment to look at the stars.
Let your mind wonder far.
Don't give up on your dreams.
Change is forever.
Let your voice be heard.

20. Austin. Abbey.
Elephants make this room much homey. Compliments to the interior decorator @taliandtea :)
I’ve started feeling much happier after realizing that all I must do is live now.
My view from my balcony.
Post workout smoothies made by sir @nickerbopper :’)
So stoked for this tonight!!! Let the fun begin! @bcsmokeshopaustintx I’ll be there!
Abuelita hot chocolate is heaven to my taste buds.
My roommate and awesome friend @nickerbopper is a certified omelette master. Feeling grateful for this delicious breakfast.  (at Home)
We are finally settled into our new home. Can’t wait to spend the year with amazing, thoughtful, blissful friends. Much love and future memories! @nickerbopper @taliandtea @ohnonotcano